Return & Refunds Policy

We have a free replacement policy in place to ensure that you get exactly what you paid for.

This ensures that if your order is lost in transit, or if products are damaged or confiscated during customs inspections along the way, our team will replace and reship your order or individual items at no charge to you, or provide you with a refund, credit toward, or discount voucher for a future purchase.

If you are submitting a request for a refund or replacement of any items as a result of being unsatisfied with the product's efficacy or results, please double-check that you are using the correct dosage of the items and that you are following the instructions for use before contacting us. These dietary and nutritional supplements are not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any condition. When used correctly, in conjunction with an ambitious training program or exercise regimen, and a healthy nutritional diet, these medications can induce great muscular growth and strength when used correctly.


Due to the unique nature of the products we offer, we do not accept refunds. We cannot accept them since no one can ensure that the storage conditions are met during the shipment of your order, even if the drug packaging remains unopened.

Replacements and Refunds

If you experienced one of the following issues with your order, please let us know as soon as possible:

  • There was a mistake in your order (i.e., you received the wrong goods).
  • The goods you received were expired, damaged, or unusable.
  • Your order went missing during transit.
  • Your order or items in your parcel were seized by customs.

Kindly accept our heartfelt apologies if the effect of our steroid pills or supplements does not meet your expectations. We'll send you a free reshipment of the relevant products in question, as is guaranteed by our free replacement or refund policy/

Getting in touch with us:

Please contact us to inform us of your concerns regarding your order, and our team will begin the refund process right away. Our customer care team will investigate and fix your order concerns as soon as possible once they have adequately established and verified your claims.

Please submit the following information via our Contact Us page's contact form:

  1. Your order number, as well as your address and phone number.
  2. Specify whether you would like a refund for your purchase, or whether you would like us to replace and reship your items.
  3. Photographs of everything you received in the mail, including the exterior packaging labels.
  4. To expedite the process, it’s advisable to also submit a video recording taken during the opening and unpacking of your parcel for the first time.
  5. If any of the contents of your package were taken, please send us a scanned copy or photo of the official notice or confiscation letter you received, as well as an alternate shipping address where we can reship the missing products.