Andriol Testocaps How To Use?

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Every year Andriol Testocaps is gaining more and more popularity. Produced anabolic began in the 80-ies of the last century. A significant difference from other steroids, Andriol Testocaps deserved due to the fact that it is among the single testosterone drugs that is used orally.

Unique Property of Andriol Testocaps

andriol testocapsMethyltestosterone, which is compared to Andriol Testocaps in its functionality, is one of the most toxic steroids. In this case, Testosterone Undecanoate, on the contrary, is considered almost harmless. The main thing, unlike oral anabolic steroids, is the absence of toxicity to the liver. This unique property of the drug was due to its chemical composition, which bypasses the liver, absorbed in the intestine and enters the lymphatic system.

In addition, the steroid does not aromatize, thus not causing estrogenic activity. That allows you to avoid side effects such as acne, fatty tissue deposition and gynecomastia while taking the drug. And Andriol Testocaps do not violate the production of their own testosterone, than most anabolic steroids can not boast. This effect is possible only if the dosage of the drug is significantly exceeded.

The advantage for athletes participating in the competition is a quick withdrawal from the body of the active substance. As a rule, this process takes no more than a week, in the first two days out 40% of the drug, and the remaining 60% for the next 5-6 days. This allows you to hide the use of steroids from doping control.

Good tolerability of Andriol Testocaps is noted, so it is often combined with Deca Durabolin or Winstrol. Also, the drug increases bone density and delays sulfur and nitrogen in the body, which improves the speed of protein synthesis.

Disadvantages of Andriol Medication

Despite the fact that Andriol Testocaps has some functions that radically distinguish it from other anabolic steroids, the drug has many disadvantages. First of all, the drug is absolutely not suitable for women, as it can cause water retention in the body, increase blood pressure, cause hypersexuality, and also leads to the formation of acne.

Many male athletes treat drugs with caution, perhaps the reason for this is the lack of popularity of the drug and its relatively recent synthesis. A common complaint of bodybuilders is the lack of activity of Andriol Testocaps in the process of muscle building. In their opinion, in order to achieve noticeable results, the steroid should be taken in large doses, which significantly exceed the dosage of other anabolics. This leads to the formation of side effects and a minimum of positive results from muscle mass.

For a good example, the dose used Andriol Testocaps per day should be about 240 mg, and this is taking six tablets of 40 mg. the Price of Andriol, is not so low, if you take into account the amount of drug used per day. On this side, bodybuilders prefer the proven Testosterone Propionate, which is significantly lower in price and has earned a good performance. Andriol Testocaps is available in the form of gelatin capsules of brown color, the jar contains 60 such capsules, the price for them varies from $60. Buy Andriol Testocaps can be in specialized online stores of steroids, including us. The unusual form of release of the medicine nullifies the possibility of counterfeiting. Store the medicine only in the refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 15 degrees, otherwise there is a danger of turning the pills into one total mass.

Side Effects and Contraindications

Like many other steroid drugs, Andriol Testocaps has a negative effect on growth areas, so the use of the drug is not recommended for young people under the age of 21. Another contraindication is the presence of tumors in the mammary glands, prostate and other cancer processes. Do you have severe renal and heart failure, as well as high blood pressure before using steroids it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Regarding the side effects are the following:

  • hyperactive sex drive;
  • reduced ejaculate volume;
  • water and salt retention in the body;
  • dizziness and weakness;
  • nausea;
  • closing of bone growth zones.


Andriol Testocaps in bodybuilding without the use of additional steroids is ineffective in itself, so its cycle is combined with the intake of other steroids. One of the cycle options is presented in the table.

1200 mg100 mg
2240 mg200 mg
3240 mg300 mg
4280 mg300 mg
5280 mg200 mg
6240 mg200 mg
7200 mg100 mg

Andriol Testocaps Reviews

Andriol Testocaps are often replaced with other Testosterone products, the main reason for this is the expensive price of the steroid, minimal knowledge about it and a slight effect on the set of muscle tissue. But at the same time, this anabolic steroid does not cause serious pathological changes in the body, which makes it a priority for athletes who care about their health. Steroid drugs in tablets are chosen by beginners in sports, believing that this form of intake causes less harm to the body, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. If we consider Andriol Testocaps, it does not harm the liver, since it does not enter the bloodstream and therefore bypasses the organ, but the doses of the substance are significantly higher than when you would have injected another steroid intramuscularly. And the use of lower doses than 240 mg a day just won't give any effect.

In General, regarding the drug opinions are very divergent, some consider it safe and have an effect in building muscle, albeit not rapid, others have a completely opposite opinion. On what kind of drug will stop you decide, but before the final choice, consult a qualified specialist in this field. Together you will be able to choose the option that will be the best for you individually and help you achieve your goals.