4 beneficial properties of casein

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Studied the variety of varieties of protein powders and a little confused? If so, you are not alone. With such a huge number of different options, it is really difficult to determine the choice of protein, which will give the best result and help you effectively achieve the desired goals.

To spend some time researching the useful properties of various protein powders is extremely necessary, because certain types of proteins are better suited for taking in certain situations. If you can find the right type of protein powder, which is ideal for achieving your goal at a given moment, you will undoubtedly get the maximum benefits from its use.

One of the most common types of protein powder is casein. This type of protein, which can be found in different forms, with different tastes and in a wide price range, with proper reception can provide a lot of benefits for health and productivity.

Let's look at some key points related to the consumption of casein powder, so you know for sure when it will be most useful to you.


1. Preservation of muscles

Whenever you go on a diet with a lower calorie intake, one of the most pressing problems that causes the most concern is the loss of muscle mass. Considering that in the process of a low-calorie diet, as a rule, you can not provide the body with enough calories to fully satisfy the need for energy, your body must use accumulated muscles and tissues as fuel.

At best, to get energy, fat tissue will break down, at worst your hard-earned muscles. As a rule, during the diet you lose weight by reducing both fat stores and muscle mass.

A study conducted by scientists in Boston compared changes in the increase in net lean body mass and a reduction in fat stores when taking casein hydrolyzate and whey protein hydrolyzate. Subjects at the same time followed a hypocaloric diet and were engaged in power training.

Although a reduction in fat reserves was observed in both groups, subjects who took casein experienced a greater decrease in excess fat, as well as an increase in the strength of the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and legs.

In addition, it was also found that, after completion of the study, athletes taking casein increased the percentage of muscle mass in the total body weight. This indicates a higher degree of muscle mass retention and emphasizes the particular effectiveness of casein for the drying phase.

However, it should be noted that regardless of the type of protein, if you take it in an insufficient amount during the diet, you will still lose muscle mass.

2. Promoting fat burning

Since casein has an elevated calcium content, this form of protein can also effectively promote fat burning. Many people in an effort to get rid of excess weight first of all refuse to consume dairy products, because they assume that they will interfere with effective weight loss.

In fact, everything is just the opposite. The study, conducted on the initiative of the International Journal of Obesity, demonstrated that subjects who, during the day, combined increased calcium intake with normal protein intake, excretion of fecal fat and energy on that day was approximately 350 kJ more than those who, who combined either low calcium intake with normal protein intake, or increased calcium intake with increased protein intake.

In this study, one of the key factors emphasizes the importance of quantitative protein intake. As you can see, in combination with moderate protein intake, calcium gives a more tangible effect than with increased protein intake.

From the study, it can be concluded that for effective fat burning, it is better to find the optimal balance between calcium and protein intake than to simply increase protein intake.

Casein will help you achieve both goals - and increase calcium intake, and meet the need for protein, which in turn will positively affect the reduction of excess weight.

3. Improved bowel health

Another very important advantage of casein is the promotion of better bowel health. In a study in Australia, scientists examined the benefits of various proteins for health and found that milk protein is much better than meat or soy protein, contributes to the normal functioning of the intestine. This is another weighty reason to seriously think about the regular consumption of casein.

4. High quality protein

Finally, another significant advantage of including casein in the diet is due to the fact that it is one of the highest quality sources of protein.

Although it so happened that the priority for athletes has always been the quantitative satisfaction of the minimum protein requirement, it is important to consider that when choosing high-quality protein sources, a smaller percentage of the product will be eliminated from the body, and you will need less protein in general to maintain muscle mass.

If you are just trying to satisfy the minimum daily protein requirement and do not really think about the quality of the protein source, you run the risk of encountering a non-obvious negative effect: if this protein is not sufficiently absorbed in the body, in fact you will not cover the minimum daily dose, which will lead to deterioration health and productivity.

In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers noted that casein is distinguished by a higher quality of protein than soy, making it an important full-fledged source of protein for inclusion in a constant diet.

If you follow a vegetarian diet that excludes meat consumption (another high-quality source of protein), then taking casein, provided that you do not limit the consumption of dairy products, will be ideal for you.


Next time, when you are going to replenish the stocks of protein powders, make sure that there is casein in your shopping list. Yes, casein is slowly digested and for this reason is considered not the best type of protein for admission right after training. However, this useful high-quality protein can be taken throughout the day in addition to basic meals in order to enjoy a mass of beneficial health benefits and physique.